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Research Interests

Statistical Learning

Image by Scott Webb

Statistical learning refers to the ability to learn regularities, or statistical patterns, from sensory input.

We are particularly interested in how and when adults and children implicity extract the regularities from their environment.


Human memory is at the same time impressive and unreliable.


We want to get a more precise understanding of how our brain stores the regularities we learn. We research, for example, the role of consolidation during sleep. 

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Language, Reading

Image by Thought Catalog

Language—spoken and written—is processed very effectively. To give you a number: on average, an adult can read about 250 words per minute! 


We are particularly interested in the structure that characterizes language, and the ways in which this structure is used to both acquire and process language.

Individual Differences

We are not all alike. There are substantial differences between individuals in both learning skills and language abilities. 

We aim to understand why some of us learn and read with much greater ease than others.

Image by Tom Barrett
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