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Science Communication


Brein Aan Zee, organized by Louisa as part of Theater Aan Zee #2023, featured duos of scientists who shared recent insights on the topics of language and social perception. (c) Photo by Yvan Mahieu 


Liesa, Sam and Christophe participated in the IBRAIN festival on intelligence. At their expo booth, you could test your own abilities to learn about the structure of the environment without having conscious awareness. Stay tuned for future opportunities to learn to communicate with aliens!

From time to time Louisa writes blogposts for Studio Brein (in Dutch). For example on how we read in different languages, on the importance of the early speech input children get, and on brain activation as a means of communication


Nieuwe feiten Radio 1

Can scientist see what you think in brain scan? Radio 1 called Louisa to discuss an exciting new preprint by American researchers who report being able to decode from fMRI scans the meaning of a story participants listen to, a silent movie they watch and even a story they imagined.

Listen to the Nieuwe feiten episode (in Dutch) here.       


Article UGent magazine 
Internationale toponderzoekers strijken neer in Gent

Amper 32 jaar is ze, maar toch zette ze als cognitief psychologe al meer dan één stap 
in de internationale wetenschappelijke wereld.
Louisa Bogaerts deed onderzoek in drie verschillende werelddelen en neemt 
die ervaring nu mee naar de plaats 
waar ze haar carrière startte: d
e UGent.' 

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 11.50.02.png


Ontbijt met de tijd

‘Met onder meer eyetracking, het monitoren van hersenactiviteit en fMRI-scans gaat Bogaerts onderzoeken hoe we lezen, leren en reproduceren. Ze wil weten waarom de ene schijnbaar moeiteloos onthoudt en de ander vruchteloos blokt.'

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