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Christophe Vanhouwe

PhD candidate

My research interests span a wide spectrum, yet my central focus revolves around the dynamic relation of (implicit) learning and memory consolidation, all within the framework of statistical learning. During my Ph.D., I aim to investigate how people consolidate statistical knowledge into their long-term memory and uncover the underlying mechanisms that govern memory consolidation. I am also interested to know what makes someone good at consolidating and how this might relate to one’s ability to learn (i.e., the interplay between learning and remembering).

Outside of academia, I enjoy reading and music, and the occasional drink with friends. 

Christophe about Haoyu

Haoyu is our networking expert who can easily charm even the most intimidating scientist. Her keen eye for detail makes her an engaging companion for discussions about science and research. Not only does she know a lot about language, she’s also very proficient at learning (and speaking) new languages. 

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