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Liesa Ravijts

PhD candidate

My Ph.D. project focuses on the neural signatures of statistical learning. We are using neuroimaging data and modeling approaches to obtain a better understanding of how the brain picks up on regularities in our environment. We also investigate if and how we can use neural (e.g. EEG-related) measures to capture SL ability in individuals. Before starting this Ph.D., I obtained my master's in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology at Ghent University, during which I had the opportunity to do an internship at the University of Amsterdam. I subsequently did a second master's in Statistical Data Analysis (Computational Statistics) at Ghent University. I like to apply my interests in data, statistics, and programming in cognitive neuroscience research.

Outside of research, you can always make me happy with good music, coffee, art/photography, and the ocean.

Liesa about Sam

Sam is our visualization wizard: he knows all the tips and tricks/websites/apps for making good-looking presentations or plots. He also has some good sources in his hat regarding coding, statistical methods, and clever ways to let ChatGPT do things for you. Lastly, he has a great sense of humor. So whether you get “lost in the sauce” with a research task and need some tips or you are just in need of a laugh, Sam is your guy.

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